Hollywood Profit Faucet Will Instantly Show You How To:

Increases You Brand Equity (value and assets)

Explode Your Status (explodes perceived value no matter how big or small you are)

Create Massive, Instant Credibility (to prospects, customers and business relationships)

Increase PR And Media Attention (become an overnight press magnet)

Make Marketing Easier (grab attention better and longer)

Increase Sales (and deal closing on the B2B side of things)

Draw And Secure Huge Partnerships (that you never would have before)

Boost Growth! (increases prospects and customers)

Create Automatic Money Magnets (if you’re raising capital or want to get acquired)

Attract And Facilitate Endless Introductions And Connections

Have Immediate VIP Positioning And Engagement Invites

Better Your Market Influence (instantaneous authority)

Gain Instant Competitive Advantage Over All Others in Your Market

Get Complete Leverage With Your Customers, But Most Importantly Over Fellow Business Colleagues (everyone will want to work with you)


All About Celebrity Endorsement Audio Module- Better Your Brand Overnight! Discover How Easy It Is To Get Hollywood To Endorse Your Product Or Service Without Writing Big Fat Checks… Uncover The Know-How, Shatter The Typically Long Learning Curve, Listen As Greg Walks You Through His Actual Stories (As The Case Study,) Granting You All The Tools To Immediately Reap The Laundry List Of Benefits Starting Tomorrow- Exploding Everything You Thought Was Possible!



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1. Licensing Your Way To Millions - Taking Your Brand ToThe Next Level Utilizing What You’ve Already Created

2. Leveraging To Riches - How To Leverage Celebrity Endorsements And Licensing To Profit!

3. Equity/Barter Secrets Revealed - Corporate structure and finance to get Exactly What! You Want And Need Next, At No Cost!



Kristi Frank

Apprentice star Kristi Frank shares her insight and wisdom about how she has leveraged relationships, contacts and positioning to gain endorsements, media, leverage and much more!

Larry "The Connector" Benet

Listen as Larry outlines the power of relationships and getting to anyone you want. He releases some of his secrets on cultivating relationships with high profile players and how to call in favors.

Steve Stein

Celebrity gift room authority Steve Stein speaks about the power of celebrity, how to apply it to your business and illustrates the step-by-step experience of what to expect when utilizing a celebrity gift suite and the inside scoop on how they all work!

Russell Brunson

Founder of the company DotComSecrets shares with you how he leverages his relationships to get his brand recognized all over the world, including a secret to how he got Richard Branson to market his brand on one of the Virgin Atlantic Planes.

Mitch Axelrod

Listen as Mitch talks about experience consulting with Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses and individuals on how to boost income, increase sales and profits and derive more fun, fulfillment and satisfaction from work.


Join Greg and Matthew on a LIVE Teleseminar Series going more in-depth on HPF topics and answering all your questions LIVE!

4 Teleseminars for 2 months.


Join Radio DJ Tom Chenault for a radio interview that will be broadcast around the nation. It's the perfect way to get your business the exposure it deserves and a great time to integrate everything you have learned from HPF.


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Gain access to the ulitmate resource, the web-based celebrity rolodex! Remove the 6 degrees of separation with an exclusive list of phone numbers, emails, and references for booking agents, managers, and publicists.


Unlock one of Hollywood's biggest secrets and learn how to use it to explode your business. You will discover the number one way to bring celebrities and your brand together along with all the tips and tricks that help you monetize the connection.


We packed the power of HPF into 4 quick and easy reference hot sheets. All of the strategies and resources concentrated into a portable guide to celebritizing your business. Use them in conjunction with the worksheets to layout a plan of action for installing your own Hollywood Profit Faucet.


A quick guide to understanding equity and stock so you can leverage your bartering power now! We can show you how easy it is to evaluate your business. Plus, discover the most important factors that will help increase the valuation of your company that you can leverage to get products, services, relationships and partnerships vital to your success.


Detailed list of all the great resources covered and complied from each Hollywood Profit Faucet module. Get easy access to all the tools you will need to turn your business into a celbrity endorsement machine. No need to hunt for a specific website or resource name, just grab the Resource List for immediate integration.


Action taking worksheets to help you put Hollywood Profit Faucet to work immediately. Lists and Outlines to reach success as fast as possible and gain the most out your HPF Modules.


Sample contracts...  actual endorsement, licensing and board of advisor agreements: paperwork that you can see firsthand to help you facilitate your deal structures and prepare for the biggest deals you have ever signed!



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If you decide that this wasn’t the best information that you have ever heard… jam-packed with the best insights on how to celebritize your business, build out with licensing, leverage it all 10-fold and gain partnerships, acquire and barter for anything you need, simply request a refund within 30 days and we’ll send you all of your money back no questions asked!
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Greg Writer
HPF Co-Founder

Matthew Heinzel
HPF Co-Founder


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Each One Of These Special Celebrity Meet & Greets Take Place Around Specific Hollywood Events And You Will Get To Choose Which One You Would Most Like To Attend… Emmy’s, Grammy’s, Oscar’s, Golden Globe’s, MTV Movie Awards, MTV Music Awards, SAG Awards and many more!

*Make Sure That You Utilize All Of The Great Tips And Techniques Taught Your Hollywood Profit Faucet Package.  Leverage Your 1 on 1 Celebrity Experience To The Fullest!

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Here's To Your Celebrity And Licensing Success And Leveraging It Full-Tilt,


Greg Writer
HPF Co-Founder

Matthew Heinzel
HPF Co-Founder

P.S. Not sure if this is for you? We understand your hesitation. But just think about where your business could  be if you knew how to get the celebrities to support your cause, make serious licensing deals, leverage it all to massive appeal, more open doors and obtain everything you need to go to the next level for little or no equity!  If you really do have a great business, product or service and a drive to make it succeed, this should be a “no-brainer” for you.

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